Monday, May 9, 2011

Body Image

Teen Suicide rates have increased in the past few years. Many teen deaths have been lead to teens being unhappy with their body weight and body image. Forced to fit in and look like the celebrities. At times pushing themselves to be thinner or even at times to gain more weight, effecting their health. “A survey involving 13,601 students in ninth through 12th grade. The findings appear in the June issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, published Monday. About 19 percent said they had considered suicide in the previous year and about 9 percent said they had attempted it.” (

Body dysmorphic disorder, is a disorder in which individuals, usually teens find their body to be imperfect. Causing them to endanger their life and usually leading to teen suicide. People with this disorder are 45x more likely to commit suicide. This shows that body image truly does have a large amount of impact of the lives of many. Teens always are trying to fit in and rarely are they ok with their body and who they are. Oddly enough white teens seem to have the highest risk of teen suicide. I think this has to do with culture, many see people on the television and try to idolize them. People that are in magazines and in commercials are often sought after for their body image and looks. What many people don’t know is that most posters, magazines and commercials are edited. You can change everything from neck size to pupil color. Nowadays its almost like we idolize someone who is not even real after all the editing is done. Teen suicide rates will continue to escalate if people are not aware of what is being done in today’s media.

-Carlos Garcia


  1. If there wasn’t so much pressure in society to look a certain way, the pressure that leads teens into thinking suicidal notions would be nonexistent. Committing suicide over body image is a serious issue that is becoming too common. The fact that those with body dysmorphic disorder are forty-five times more likely to commit suicide is both haunting and alarming. This shows just how obsessed society is with the idea of looking “perfect,” overlooking the fact that God is the only one who can judge us. Though there are organizations about this issue, the rest of society is not doing enough to actually take action against it. In fact, the media such as magazines, TV, and advertisements are telling teens how to look through the models they use. What some teens do not know is that these images the media is trying to sell them is completely fabricated. The media wants teens to think this way in order to sell their product, but it is only causing self-destruction.

    -Kim Gonzaga

  2. Everyday there is a new television commercial that shows different ways to look “perfect.” The media puts out to the world (and especially young teens) a fake image of what a perfect man or woman can look like. There is a constant pressure to looking like this fake image. It is not possible for someone to look like the people in the commercials and advertisements but some teens do not know that. They will go through so many lengths just to look like the people that the media is trying to sell to them. They turn out to be obsessed with the idea of being perfect and slowly kill themselves in the process. When they do no get the result that they have been wanting, they start becoming suicidal. The fact that they want to kill themselves because they do not like the way they look is horrible. These teens need to change the way they view themselves to start getting better.
    -Malik Frique

  3. I agree with the fact that people tend to be unhappy with their image and body weight due o the fact that there are many celebrities out there who seem perfect. Every girl wants to be that model on the cover page of a magazine because she seems perfect. Little do they now, everything to make her look that way is done by of makeup and Photoshop. I think every person suffers from body dysmorphic disorder because no one is really happy with their body image because they are always looking at media and seeing that perfect person, when in fact that perfect person in never really there, and they are normal looking behind the makeup and camera. I think teens particularly suffer from this problem because they are trying to find who they really are and they are stuck through a stage in life where they feel ugly because they are changing from a kid to an adult.

    -George Hishmeh